Make your way underground safely with Every Metro

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Looking to find your way around a modern metro system? You might want to look at Every Metro, which promises maps and navigation for over one hundred transport networks around the world.

 Every Metro Every Metro

One advantage of Every Metro is that it does not require a data connection to work. That's an obvious capability to have in an application for navigating an underground network of trains, tubes, and travellers, but one that some other apps forget.

Every Metro focuses on the navigation. without the external data connection it's impossible to pull in extra information, such as congestion delays or line closures. Some cities will have applications that give you access to this information, in which case you would be better off with those apps, but Every Metro's coverage of over one hundred cities might make it the sole choice for a number of transport systems.

 Every Metro Every Metro

From the directory listing:

  • More than 110 metro systems around the world (even more coming every update!)
  • Speaks most of the languages for the Metro cities around the world!
  • Doesn't require network connection and is always ready to help you everywhere
  • Evolves based on your feedback - contact us and share your opinion!
  • Blazing fast performance - select stations and instantly see the routes with duration estimates
  • Supports local names for stations, lines, metro in native language.

You can start exploring Every Metro in the trial version, but only a handful of cities are available. The big one - London - is only available in the full version, but you can go exploring other cities to see if the interface works for you. Download the trial via the AAWP app directory.

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