The first rock vid sample from the Lumia 925?

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With the Nokia Lumia 925 being in the hands of the public for a day or so now, it's not surprising to see a video capture sample - this one's noteworthy in that it's filming rock (well, blues) music at pretty high volume, with the usual absence of distortion from the Nokia HAAC microphones. See the clip, embedded below, with my comments.

The gig was of Remu and the Hurriganes live at Muurla Summer Open in Salo Finland on June 8, 2013. As usual, maximise the playback window and 'up' the resolution, though, disappointingly, the user (marksavo) didn't change the video capture resolution on the phone from the default 720p, so we don't get a chance to see the full 1080p resolution:

The OIS in the 925 (same as on the 920) did a good job of keeping the footage steady even though the phone was being handheld, and pretty high. The auto-focussing did hunt a little, not helped by the bobbing heads just in front of the camera, etc.

The audio was in mono, as would be true of the Lumia 920, so I guess we're still waiting for an OS update to enable true stereo video capture, as on the Symbian-powered 808 PureView?

Have you spotted any other Lumia 925 video capture samples yet? Comments welcome!

Source / Credit: Nokia PureView Recordings