Grin lets you browse and upload to Imgur

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Online image hosting service Imgur is a very popular online service used by millions (especially users of Digg and Reddit). Grin is a third party client for the service that will let you browse the service and upload your own images to the service.

The free client by Alexander Tsoi gives you a Windows Phone based system to explore the service (as opposed to using the website), as well as letting you upload individual images and albums from your handset to the Imgur server.

  Grin Grin

It also supports the viewing of animated gifs, which are particularly popular in a number

The features list, detailed in the App Directory listing, is:

  • Browse hot, top, new, and random categories.
  • View comments.
  • View albums.
  • View profiles.
  • Like and favorite images.
  • Share images.
  • Search for images.
  • Upload images and albums.
  • Submit to gallery.

Uploading images will require to you have an account with Imgur, and this can be either a free account (which has some limitations), or a yearly pro account. Pro users uploading images will have them saved on the server indefinitely, while images from free users will only remain stored if they are accessed frequently - worth remembering if your intention is to use it as an image back-up service.

You can download the client from the App Directory right now.

Source / Credit: Find it in the AAWP App Directory