Nokia's Access Point utility gets updates and auto-selection

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One of the biggest hassles with moving SIM cards between phones is that the latter often make a bit of a meal out of trying to guess the right data settings. Sometimes the network itself sends over a configuration SMS, which also helps, but Nokia's free Windows Phone utility, Access Point, updated today and screenshotted below, also helps by applying some intelligence to the situation. In my experience, juggling three SIMs between at least five phones, this utility has got my data flowing within one tap (and sometimes none at all).


As shown in the screenshot, the changelog for this version adds:

  • operator setting updates
  • first priority APN auto-selection
  • robustness improvements

The second point is the most interesting - in the past I've often had to tap on my operator name in the 'access point' list for it to be set as active, whereas with this version I'm only seeing one item in the list and it's automatically set as active. Obviously, more data points are needed, but any extra intelligence in terms of querying the SIM and then looking up correct settings in a local database (remember that if the phone can't get online then it can't look anything up on a server!) is welcomed by us.

You can update in the Windows Phone Store on your Nokia device, as usual. Note that 'Access Point' counts as an OS component update and thus doesn't appear in a regular Store search.

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store