EPUB Reader updated for Windows Phone 8

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Developer Jan Reidemeister has updated EPUB Reader, a Windows Phone client for ebooks in the older format. With the rise of the Kindle, .mobi is used by many authors, but there's still a lot of love for the Epub format. Which is where this reader comes in useful.

With the caveat that the app will only read unencrypted files, EPUB Reader comes with a lot of options to set the colour, fonts, and layouts of the texts to make the reading experience suit your own tastes.

Of course any Windows Phone application that uses external files is going to have a few issues in getting the file onto the handset. EPUB Reader allows you to do the 'sideloading' by pointing to a file in the web browser or reading an email attachment, much like how the Adobe PDF reader works.

Alternatively you can import your files from the SD card if you have one in your Windows Phone 8 handset.

 EPUB Reader EPUB Reader

Here's the features list from the App Directory:

  • read unprotected EPUB book with page and chapter based navigation
  • open books from almost anywhere on your phone, e.g. by downloading them in the browser or opening email attachments
  • import books from the SD card
  • portrait and landscape mode
  • customizable font and colors with day and night mode
  • save last position per book and resume when reopening the app
  • bookmarks & text highlighting
  • share selected text via mail or social networks
  • browse your library by title, author or book series
  • pin books to the start screen

And you can download the trial version via the AAWP App Directory.

Source / Credit: Find it in the AAWP App Directory