RSS reader Collector updates download engine

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RSS reader 'Collector' has picked up another update as many mobile users migrate away from Google Reader ahead of its closure in July. Functionally, users will see the new support for the 'Pocket' deferred reading service (which was previously called 'Read it Later'), as well as the ability to skip over the welcome screen.

Behind the screen, Squallstar Studios has updated the download engine that Collector uses for increased performance and compatibility with more RSS feeds, Twitter accounts , and Tumblr streams - all of which are available to view in Collector.

Collector Collector

As a reminder, the main features of Collector are:

  • Browse through hundreds of selected news websites or magazines.
  • Add your own RSS feeds, using our search engine or just typing the url of your favorite website
  • Read articles offline, or read them while they're syncing.Integrated Readability© content reading.
  • Share directly to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Email.
  • Create news feeds using other sources, like Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Pocket
  • Live tiles supports every Windows Phone version (7.8 too!)

Collector's trial version lets you check out the service, and the full version is £1.49/$1.99 via the AAWP App Directory.

Source / Credit: Find it in the AAWP App Directory