Reddit client Baconit updated to v2.64

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The leading (yet unofficial) Windows Phone client for Reddit by Quinn Damerell has picked up another update. Version 2.64 addresses a number of issues that have arisen after the 2.6 update earlier in the year.

I regard Baconit as one of the 'hero' applications of Windows Phone. Although not developed by Reddit, the application has access to all the functionality and information on the website, and it makes browsing and interacting on Reddit very easy from a Windows Phone handset.

It's also the work of a single coder. Quinn Damerell has continued to work on the code since the app was first released, taking in feedback from the community to improve the app and keeping hem up to date with his progress. That creates a good feedback loop that helps drive the app forward in terms of development and income.

Bacon It 2.8 Bacon It 2.8

As always, two versions of the app are available, a free to download version, and a 'donation' version which is just as functional as the free version, but allows you to support Damerell and his coding.

Both updates (donation and free) can be found in the AAWP App Directory (although note that Damerell has acknowledge a typo, so you might see the version number as 2.47).

Source / Credit: Find it in the AAWP App Directory