Looking back on two years of Taptitude on Windows Phone

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Taptitude has always been open about the performance of their, which collects together a number of mini-games under the icon. After two years on Windows Phone, they've taken a public look back on their achievements, and some thoughts on where they'll be going next.

Although Taptitude is multi platform, the team don't think they have enough data (yet) to really analyse the impact on other smartphones.

I love the correlation on downloads tracks the general health of the whole Windows Phone ecosystem - when it went quiet in the summer of 2012, so did the downloads of Taptitude. And they now have had a consistent performance for 2013.

 Taptitude Taptitude

There's also discussions about how they handle the app crashing (statistics are available from Microsoft to developers), the performance of the in-app advertising, and their monthly earnings (averaging around $15,000 per month during 2013).

The model is still working for them, and they believe that there's more room in the Windows Phone platform, and as a company they want to transfer the model that works for WP into iOS and Android.

You can read their report here, and download Taptitude from the App Directory.

Source / Credit: Four Bros Studio Blog