Fight to reclaim the Ceti-One space station in T.I.T.A.N.

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T.I.T.A.N. is going to strike a chord with gamers of a certain age. It's a top down action adventure game, which sees you taking control of a giant, heavily armoured robot, on a mission to reclaim a space station that has been invaded by... well, that would spoil the story!


Spread over fifty levels, T.I.T.A.N. mixes in a maze like level approach where you need to find the exit, along with tactical movement to sneak up on enemies while not becoming overwhelmed with a horde of aliens.

The controls feel very traditional, with a virtual dual stick layout gives you movement under your left thumb, and a 360 degree firing solution is under your right thumb. The graphics are functional rather than artistic, but the brutal nature of the look does fit in with the game.


From the app directory's features list:

  • Beautiful graphics and animations
  • More than 50 levels both pre-built and randomly generated
  • Bosses, lasers, turrets, tanks…lots of deadly enemies await!
  • Lots of weapons to choose from, equip and personalize
  • Slot system allows you to customize your weapons as you please
  • Skill system let you focus on your play style
  • Automatic minimap…never get lost!
  • Shops around the base will buy and sell all the gear you may need - Level up your robot and unleash destruction!

The levelling up is a very interesting approach, and reminiscent of a role playing game. As you become comfortable with a playing style, you can tailor your robot to that style. Some players will want to beef up the armour and fight like a tank, while others would prefer speed and rapid firing weapons to be more 'scout' like in combat.

T.I.T.A.N. can cope with many styles of play, and for those who enjoy this genre of gaming, there's little that developers Pansoft have got wrong.

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