SkyDrive gets a bugfix update to v3.0.2

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There's not much to say beyond "bug fixes", but the SkyDrive client for Windows Phone has been updated to 3.02.

One of the uses I have for SkyDrive is in taking screenshots. Snapping the pictures of apps and games we are covering here on All About Windows Phone is easy enough with WP8, and it's a quick operation to select the images to upload to SkyDrive.

And once they are uploaded to the cloud, the SkyDrive client on the laptop will automatically sync the folders with the screenshots, ready to be viewed and edited.

SkyDrive ScreenshotSkyDrive Screenshot

That's just one use of the cloud - and with SkyDrive clients available for iOS and Android alongside the desktop clients and the web based interface, there's countless scenarios and use cases to make cloud storage and SkyDrive a flexible tool in your mobile kit-bag.

The updated client can be found in the AAWP App Directory, and let us know if you've got a funky SkyDrive use you want to share.

Source / Credit: Find it in the AAWP App Directory