WP7 version of Viner released, along with WP8 update

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The third party client for Twitter's six second video service, Viner, has been updated on Windows Phone 8. And Windows Phone 7 users can join in the fun as well, as a client for that version of the operating system has been released by developer Philippe Maes.

Launched by Twitter, Vine is a short video service that allows users to record, upload, and share up to six seconds of content online. Official clients are available for iOS and Android, but Windows Phone was left out of the mix. At least until a third party solution was coded, which is where Maes comes in.

The Windows Phone 8 version has been out for some time, and in that time he's reworked the code to create a Windows Phone 7 version, which is available as a separate application in the Windows Phone Store.

 Viner Viner

So what's new in version 1.2 for Windows Phone 8 users? Here's the change-log:

  • You can now share posts to social networks.
  • Made search free.
  • Changed follow button, to make it more clear.
  • Made login errors more precise.

A trial version is available to give you a taster of Viner as a client, but a number of features are held back for the full version. It's really targeted at people who know they want to use Vine and are looking for a WP client, rather than someone who is wondering what this Vine thing is all about.

You can download the trial versions for WP7 and WP8 from our App Directory.

Source / Credit: Find it in the AAWP App Directory