Unofficial Cineworld app updated for UK and Ireland

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Invoke IT's twin applications to navigate the silver screens of Cineworld have been updated. The latest versions for cinema-goers in the UK and Ireland have picked up a number tweaks to make the UI more consistent with the Windows Phone style, as well as improved caching and loading of pages.

Using the geo-location features on Windows Phone, the app will find your local cinema and head online to get all the films and screening times so you can plan your trip to the cinema. Short details on the films are available, and many of them will allow you to stream the trailer and watch it on your handset to help you decide what to see.

You can also search by cinema if you are looking for a specific branch, add favourite cinemas to the main screen of the app or as a live tile for easy access. Lock screen support is also added if you'd like to have a rotating stock of movie posters welcome you when you turn your smartphone on.

Here's the change log for v

  • Prevent reloading of pages.
  • Fixed context menu behaviour on tapping a performance.
  • Added extra space by using systray wisely.

 Cineworld Cineworld 

Cineworld Ireland and Cineworld UK are available from the AAWP App Directory, both are free downloads.

Source / Credit: Find it in the AAWP App Directory