iFixit in action, self-help repair on Windows Phone

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iFixit a web site and 'brand', is quite well known for its ever expanding database of DIY repair guides for household and tech items - and it's now on Windows Phone too. There's an undoubted USA bias to the products covered, plus the database is patchier than you might think. However, if you strike lucky then the vital steps you might need help with may just be here after all. iFixit's app is free too, so why not grab it anyway and maybe it'll have your 'widget A' covered by the time it goes wrong?


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From the Store description:

iFixit — the free repair manual! Thousands of step-by-step guides, gorgeous images and engaging videos that make it easy to repair your stuff. Repair manuals show you how to fix:

  • Tablet Repair
  • Phone Repair
  • Appliance Repair
  • MacBook Repair
  • MacBook Pro Repair
  • PowerBook & iBook Repair
  • iPad Repair
  • iPhone Repair
  • iPod Repair
  • Xbox Repair
  • PlayStation Repair
  • PC Laptop Repair
  • Dozens of digital camera repair manuals
  • Hundreds of cell phone repair manuals
  • Harley Davidson Repair
  • Honda Accord Repair
  • More manuals added every week

Categories like 'Phone Repair' sound all inclusive, but it should again be noted that the actual models included are somewhat limited. The iFixit team do encourage users to get involved, mind you, so maybe you can get involved in supplying repair photos and instructions for something you've worked on?

Here's iFixit 1.1 in action (v1.0 had some horrible UI bugs):

Screenshot, iFixitScreenshot, iFixit

The glossy homepage and category selection; (right) you can also search for products or categories directly.

Screenshot, iFixitScreenshot, iFixit

Having found the right product, just swipe right to go from step to step, each of which is illustrated, as shown here.

Screenshot, iFixitScreenshot, iFixit

iFixit's famous device 'teardowns' are also included, for interest's sake. Here's their write-up of the old Nokia N95 classic from 2007...

Screenshot, iFixitScreenshot, iFixit

It's not just tech products, either - there are plenty of car repair guides too.

Well worth grabbing, if only to get you out of a jam in the future. You can download iFixit here in the Windows Phone Store.

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store