Turn the lights on as the lights turn with Grid Wp8

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Let's take the easiest concept possible - copy a pattern of lights from one 3x3 grid to another gird - and turn it into a game. The twist is just that... both grids are turning and twisting around, so your eyes will have to translate the pattern while it's moving.

I can see quite a few people deciding that this is far too frustrating and uninstalling the game while simultaneously throwing their Windows Phone against the wall, because not everyone is going to have the spatial skills that would make this an easy game to play.

I'm just about there, but with the spinning requiring quick reflexes to hit the target squares, coupled with the time limits, makes for a quick moving game. Yes it's all against the clock - just thirty seconds to do as many as you can, although you earn a second or two back when you complete a pattern. Frustrating, fast to play, and fun in an evil way.

  Grid WP8 Grid WP8

From the directory listing:

In Grid Wp8 you'll answer by your finger as fast as you can. As the level up, you'll face mirrored pattern, fade pattern and rotating pattern. So come on, chanllenge your brain and train your brain.

Grid is available both as a paid for download or an ad-supported version through our App Directory.

Source / Credit: Find it in the AAWP App Directory