Hipstamatic Oggle PRO is coming to Nokia's Lumia 1020

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More imaging apps coming out of the Lumia 1020 launch, and Hipstamatic are joining in the fun as well with the upcoming release of Oggle PRO.

Oggle PRO is an extension of the Oggle app that is already available for the iOS platform. Windows Phone will be the second platform the app will be available for, skipping over Android. No doubt the focus that Hipstamatic places on photography, coupled with the 1020's PureView branded camera made that an easy decision.

Hipstamatic Oggle Pro

From Hipstamatic's blog post, Oggle Pro will allow the smartphone photographer to...

  • Have greater control of their shot by making a variety of manual adjustments
  • Reframe their shot by using the lossless 3x zoom feature
  • Set manual exposure and tap to focus
  • Orient their shots using the auto-leveling feature
  • Control white balance, ISO and shutter speed
  • Capture full resolution images at 41 MP and apply Hipstamatic’s film and lens effects

Availability is 'later this summer' and there's no word on any presumed exclusivity period for Nokia.

Source / Credit: Hipstamatic Blog