Nokia Lumia 625 with 4.7 inch screen passes Chinese certification

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The Lumia 625H, an unannounced Nokia Windows Phone device, has been certified by the Chinese Telecoms regulatory authority (TENAA). The handset is reported as having a 4.7 inch WVGA (480x800) screen, a 1GHz dual core processor, 512MB of RAM, and a 2000 mAh battery. The Chinese version of the handset includes WCDMA and WiFi connectivity, but the global variant will also support LTE.

From the images in the regulatory filing, it can be seen that the device looks like a larger version of the Nokia Lumia 625, with a similar dual shot removeable cover design, a curved 3.5mm audio jack entry point, and front and rear facing cameras.

At 4.7 inches, the Nokia Lumia 625's screen will be the largest seen on a Nokia Lumia device to date; as a result, it will also be the largest sized Lumia device to date in terms of width and height. The device has previously been rumoured as Nokia's "phablet", with a code name of "Max", and is likely partly a response to the success that Samsung and other manufacturers have enjoyed with larger screen devices, at both the low and high end of the market.  

Nokia Lumia 625

Although the Lumia 625H is likely to be a Chinese variant, notes that a similar device (RM-941) recently passed FCC certification in the US. Notably, and in contrast to the Chinese variant, this device has support for LTE (825 MHz, 1800 MHz, 2500 MHz; bands 20, 3 and 7 respectively), in addition to the usual WCDMA (850/900/2100) and GSM bands (850/900/1800/1900).

This inclusion of LTE would be a first for lower cost Windows Phone devices from Nokia. It should be noted that the Lumia 625 appears to be using a tri-band LTE set up, rather than the penta-band LTE set up used in the Nokia Lumia 920 / 925 / 1020, something that should help keep costs low. LTE support is significant as it makes the handset more attractive to operators who are launching 4G networks and want to provide their customers with a budget smartphone option. 

With a 600 series index name and the lower-end Windows Phone 8 hardware specification, the Nokia Lumia 625 is likely to be competitively priced. The Nokia Lumia 620 was announced with a price, before taxes and subsidies, of €190. The inclusion of LTE may push that price point up a little for the Lumia 625, but it is still likely to be significantly less than the Lumia 720 (€249 before taxes and subsidies).

The Lumia 625 / 625H has not been officially announced by Nokia and should therefore technically be classifed as unconfirmed. A formal announcement is likely to take place some time in the next month.

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