Bring your favourite pictures to your start screen with Scroll Tiles

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I'm a sucker for customisation apps, so Scroll Tiles is right up my street. While the Photos live tile will show you a selected image, and any pinned albums will be populated by the key photo, Scroll Tiles lets you select the pictures you want to show on a live tile, and then flips, scrolls, and pans around the images.

 Scroll Tiles Scroll Tiles 

Working with all three sizes of live tile, Scroll Tiles lets you have control over the images selected, and the order they play in. You can have more than one tile on your screen if you wish, and the 'nine images' limit on a tile can be bypassed setting up Scroll Tiles to run as a background task so it can switch the image set in use as required.

 Scroll Tiles Scroll Tiles 

Scroll tiles is a free download, and you can pick it up right now from our App Directory.

Source / Credit: Find it in the AAWP App Directory