Yelp updates Windows Phone 8 client

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Yelp's Windows Phone client picked up a small update last week. Yelp allows you to search your local area for products and services, read customer reviews, and act on recommendations to find somewhere to buy a car, drink coffee, or whatever else you need to find out.

Yelp is one of the success stories of user generated content, with over 100 million visitors to the service in January 2013, and it generates significant income from local advertising built in to the app.

Pairing up the service with a smartphone is an obvious thing to do, and the WP8 client makes good use of the geo-location sensors in the handset, using the built in apps to direct yourself to a venue, adding them to your address book, or giving them a call or email.

 Yelp Yelp

Current features in the app are:

  • Search for businesses near you
  • Tap quick links to find nearby bars, restaurants, cafes and more
  • Narrow your searches by 'hood, distance, price, and what's open now
  • Browse reviews to read what's great (and not so great) in your city
  • Find great Deals offered by your favourite local businesses on Windows Phone
  • Add tips, photos, and draft reviews for your favourite businesses
  • Check-in and share where you are with your Yelp friends
  • Make reservations on OpenTable without leaving the Yelp app
  • Look up addresses and phone numbers for thousands of businesses
  • Yelp does augmented reality with Monocle. Overlay business information onto the world around you.

You can download the client via out App Directory.

Source / Credit: Find it in the AAWP App Directory