First UK Nokia Lumia 1020 SIM-free prices between £550 and £599 (update)

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Online retailers have started publishing pricing and pre-order information for the UK (Global) version of the Nokia Lumia 1020, with availability in the first week of September, and a price range of between £549 and £599. Expansys has the Nokia Lumia 1020 at £599.99, while Clove Technology has a price of £588, and current pre-order price is £549.98. The first two also have the wireless charging cover (£24.99) and camera grip accessories (£49.99) available for pre-order.

These figures do include the usual launch premium, and the price is likely to fall after the device has been available for a few months. Nonetheless they do offer a guide for early SIM-free pricing. The new camera flagship will also be available through operators and third party retailers, with subsidised devices expected to be available with no upfront cost ("free") on the higher tier (£40+) two year contracts.

UK prices do include VAT (tax) at 20%, but are generally roughly in line with global prices. But do note that the exact figure for a SIM-free device will vary from country country, based on both tax levels and current exchange rates. Some markets may have to pay additional import taxes.

Lumia 1020 detail

The SIM-free prices listed above will make the Lumia 1020 the most expensive Lumia smartphone to date, but the UK pricing is likely to cause less comment that the $299 AT&T pricing, given that they are in the same range as other high end smartphones. Make no mistake, the Lumia 1020 is an expensive smartphone, but it is not priced at a significant premium compared to the launch prices of other high end devices.

As the table below shows, the Lumia 1020, at launch, is likely to be cheaper than the current pricing for the iPhone 5 32GB. However, it may be slightly more expensive that UK launch pricing for the Samsung Galaxy S4, and will almost certainly be more expensive than the HTC One and iPhone 5 15GB.

Model  Current UK Price  Launch UK Price   Base Price in €
Nokia Lumia 920 (32GB) £275-£400 £500-£520 €505
Nokia Lumia 925 (16GB) £430-£475 £490 €469
Nokia Lumia 1020 (32GB) - £590 €545
iPhone 5 (16GB) £500 £529 €488
iPhone 5 (32GB) £599 £599 €553
Samsung Galaxy S4 (16GB)  £455-£500 £579.99 €535
HTC One (32GB) £439-£480 £550 €508

Current prices are approximate.
Price before taxes and subsidies in €, manufacturer prices quoted where available.


The Lumia 1020  will command a significant premium over the current pricing for existing Lumia devices such as the Lumia 925 (£120+) and the Lumia 920 (£200+), but that's more a reflection on the competitive pricing of the Lumia range in general. The difference between the Lumia 925 and 1020 is noteworthy as it's an approximate indication of the costs associated with the 1020's camera (around £100).

Update (07/08 @ 12:02)

The prices listed on Expansys and Clove Technology have now been removed / marked as unconfirmed respectively. This is likely an indication that Nokia is not ready to release formal pricing information for the UK. We do still expect the previously listed prices to be in roughly the right range, but along with the first delivery dates, are subject to change.