Nokia's Photo Beamer update adds support for higher resolution "beaming"

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Nokia has updated its PhotoBeamer app, fixing a number of bugs, improving performance, and adding support for the "beaming" of higher resolution images for "an HD like experience". It's a welcome update as previously PhotoBeamer was not able to make the most of photos captured on device with higher quality cameras (e.g. Lumia 720, 925, 1020).

Nokia describes the combination of the PhotoBeamer app and website as like having a "magical projector in your pocket", providing a way to display photos stored on your phone on any Internet connected devices (e.g. PC, Smart TV, tablet).  It works by setting up a peer to peer connection between the PhotoBeamer app on your phone and the PhotoBeamer website on the display device, across which images are passed. What's really stands out is the ease of set up, with a simple scan of a QR code on all that is required to connect the two devices together.

Once a connection is set up, you can swipe through your photos, with the photo displayed on the phone's screen automatically sent to, and displayed on, the remote screen (i.e. similar to the way you would show someone photos on your phone if they were looking over your shoulder).

The new version of PhotoBeamer is capable of transferring ("beaming") higher resolution images then the previous version, with the exact resolution dependent on the receiving (display device). In essence, PhotoBeamer is now more intelligent about the quality of the image it will send, optimising it for the currently connected device.

The example below shows the difference in quality you can expect to see (example from a PC browser Windows with 1600x1200 resolution). Note, in particular, the detail and sharpness of the stick and water bubbles.

Detail from "beamed" photo before and after the update

Windows Phone Store description:

PhotoBeamer is a new, innovative and easy way to show your pictures on any screen. Just point your Nokia Lumia at any screen displaying and you can enjoy your photos anywhere with family and friends. It's a mobile projector that's available anytime, anywhere.

What’s new in PhotoBeamer 1.2
• Higher res beaming for an HD-like experience
• Fine-tuning 
• Bug fixing

PhotoBeamer is a free downloaded from the Windows Phone Store. It is exclusive to Nokia Lumia devices.