Nokia announces DT-601 Wireless Charging Plate

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Nokia today announced the forthcoming availability of its DT-601 Wireless Charging Plate accessory. The new Qi compatiable accessory compliments Nokia's existing wireless charging accessories by offering a small and more portable option. The charging plate has a diameter of 65mm, is 9mm thick and weighs 55g.

Unlike Nokia's previous wireless charging accessories, power for the DT-601 is provided via USB-A cable. This means it can be plugged into any USB device, or a wall plug with a USB-A port (e.g. Nokia AC-60 charger). In common with many of Nokia's other accessories the DT-601 is also available in a range of colours: bright red, yellow, cyan, white and black.

Jaakko Huokkola, Product Manager for Wireless Charging at Nokia, said:

“The DT-601 is small and round with identical bright colours to what we see in the Lumia family. Because it’s so small and colourful it looks very cute; a bit like a lollipop."


The DT-601's plate is made of polycarbonate plastic, but a soft coating has been applied, which Nokia says means it feels more natural in your hand and also provides some extra grip when a phone is placed on top of it. When a compatible phone is correctly placed on the charging pad a LED on the side of the pad will illuminate to indicate that charging is taking place.

The DT-601, which has an approximate retail price of €29, will be available in the Asia-Pacific region later this month, and will roll out to Europe and America later in the year.

An obvious comparison can be made with Nokia's DT-900 Wireless Charging Plate accessory. The DT-601 has the advantage in being smaller, but it's worth noting using USB as the source of power may, in some circumstances, result in slower charging (e.g. plugged into typical laptop USB port).


Nokia DT-601

Nokia DT-900

Size 65mm (round) 60mm x 120mm
Thickness 9mm 11mm
Weight 55g 93g
Volume 30cc 62cc
Charging Indicator Yes (LED) Yes (LED)
Power USB Wallplug (2.5mm)

Source / Credit: Nokia Conversations