The Lumia 625 is "pretty much bang on", says IT Pro Portal

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Over on ITProPortal, Aatif Sullyman has been taking a look at the Nokia Lumia 625 for the last week. For the expectations that are set on a £200 price-tag, Sullyman is impressed.

Previously, Sullyman was sporting a Lumia 900, so not only is there the comparison to the current smartphones running Android and iOS, it's also his chance to see the improvements in Windows Phone 8 over it's older incarnation.

All in all, I think Nokia has got the Lumia 625 pretty much bang-on, in terms of its target audience. Though it's by no means perfect, it's still a sub-£200 4G smartphone running the latest version of the Windows Phone mobile operating system, which is really impressive. Most of the problems I experienced with it are either avoidable or fairly minor, so this represents a very good choice for anyone looking for a solid smartphone experience on a tight budget.

Nokia Lumia 625

The Nokia Lumia 625 is an interesting device, with it's almost low-end price point, but crowd pleasingly large physical screen and 4G LTE connectivity for the budget buyer. Rafe took a closer look on AAWP earlier in the year:

It's possible to be rather sniffy about the Lumia 625, dismissing it as a low cost handset with too many cuts. Power users in particular will be prone to comparing it unfavourably with the value marvel that is the Lumia 620, saying that, with a relatively weak screen and component cuts that go too far, it should have been called the Lumia 525. That's not an entirely unfair assessment, but it completely ignores the benefits of having a big screen and LTE connectivity. More importantly, the sales success of the Lumia 520, easily the best selling Windows Phone device to date, clearly demonstrates that component cuts similar to those found in the Lumia 625 do not dampen sales.

Sullyman's review can be found online at ITProPortal. Are you interested in the Lumia 625, or have one yourself? What do you think of it?

Source / Credit: Aatif Sullyman (IT Pro Portal)