Track your fruit and veg with 5 a Day

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5 A Day is one of those simple applications that can make a real difference to your life. Following the advice of the World Health Organisation, and many government led programs, the app's goal is to ensure you have five portions of fruit or veg each day.

The app runs as a live tile on your start screen. Tapping on each food group in the app will increment the individual counter and overall counter by one, and also increment the counter on the live tile so you can always see what you need to reach for before the counter resets at midnight.

 5 a Day 5 a Day
(It's actually a much clearer view on a handset (and note the live tile tucked away bottom left)

As well as the generic fruit and veg options, it also sets the recommended limits for juice and beans/pulses. It seems evil to make the representation a pie, mind you.

5 a Day is a free download from the AAWP app directory.

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