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Windows Phone toting Geocachers can pick up the updated version of Geocahcing Pro (and its free sister app, Geocaching Plus), which works with the caches listed on the web service.

The geocaching world has two major sites, and, as Rafe explained last year when he covered Geocaching Plus:

Geocaching, for those that don't know, is an outdoors sporting activity / treasure hunt in which participant use a GPS to navigate to a given set of co-ordinates, in order to find a geocache (cache). The geocache is usually a container, inside which you'll find a number of items including a log book that you can sign with a date and name to record your visit. is a Geocache web site that aims to be as open and free as possible, with no paid content. All the caches are published under an open source license. This contrasts with, which has the biggest list of caches on the web, but some features are only available to paid members. has its own Windows Phone app, Geocaching Live, which we wrote about earlier this year.

 Geocaching Geocaching

Both applications (Plus and Pro) now have the following features:

  • view caches on a live map
  • see cache details, description, logbook and photos
  • add caches to favorites for further searching
  • physically search favorite caches with the help of map and compass
  • log caches
  • pin caches to desktop

In addition to that, the Pro version's major features include:

  • offline maps
  • search caches by code and name
  • shows locally stored caches on the live map when offline
  • shows cache waypoints
  • cache info update
  • filter out found caches
  • better looking icons

Both apps can be found in the AAWP App Directory, in Pro and Plus formats. Happy hunting!

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