Shoot the shadows and save your sanity

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Sanity Tower Defense takes the traditional genre game to shoot down the enemies as they approach a fixed target, and mixes it up with the story of a young boy who is scared of the shadows in his world. Too many shadows and he will lose his sanity, so you'll need to be his protector while enjoying the strategy options available to you.

Sanity Tower Defense

Developer Ranun have taken an approach where the shadow enemies are not limited to the grid that is laid out - they will decide on their own path to their goal, doing their best to avoid the towers you have purchased and laid out across the bedroom floor.

Which is where the decision on strategy can be made - be it building a maze that forces the shadows along a certain path, creating a kill zone to herd them into, or using strategically placed long range weapons to slice through them as they pass over an open area.

Sanity Tower Defense

The features list in the directory listing are as follows:

  • The game will stay free so that everybody can enjoy it
  • Every one of the four towers has 20 possible upgrades; the upgrades increase range, damage and rate of fire.
  • 9 unique levels, each with at least 20 waves of enemies, and a survival mode included too!
  • A lot of enemies, each wave is carefully catered to fit a proper difficulty curve.

Sanity Tower Defense is a free download, and you can find it in the AAWP App Directory now.

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