Hack and slash for the gods in Dark Lands

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Dark Lands is an atmospheric running game which hides the basic 'infinite running' nature of the title in a mythical quest with trolls, goblins, orcs, and skeletons. With a hack and slash approach to game play, and simple on-screen controls focused on mobile gaming, Dark Lands is going to find quite a few fans.

Dark Lands

With just a few swipes, you can jump your character across obstacles, slide under whirling blades of death, defend yourself against attack, and brandish the cutting edge of heroic justice as you run through the world. Unusually for an infinite running style game you can stop running in the game - but this is more to stop you being squashed under moving pillars than taking a break from the action.

The trial version gives you a few hundred metres to get accustomed to the game, both in the running, the landscape, and the fighting styles required. There is a good variety of enemies on show in that first stretch to give you a chance to try and avoid them, fight them, or simply defend their attacks.

Dark Lands

Throw in the stark visuals with almost every main part of the game drawn in black shading, and a washed out water colour look for the backdrops and you have a game confident in its own look and design.

Dark Lands

From the features list:

  • Easy to use control, with sharp reactions!
  • Develop your hero! Improve stats and buy mighty weapons and armors!
  • Fight hordes of fantasy enemies! - Get into epic fights with mighty bosses!
  • Learn to avoid deadly traps!
  • Learn to use traps in your favor, lurking enemies into them!
  • Enjoy beautiful original atmospheric music and great sound effects!
  • Artistic silhouette graphics with changing environment!
  • Many awesome features in development, so stay tuned for updates!

Darklands can be found in the AAWP App directory, and costs £1.49/$1.99. A free trial is available.

Source / Credit: Find it in the AAWP App Directory