Topsy and Tim: Start School has the book and mini-games

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Most of us with kids in the UK have fond memories of reading Topsy and Tim books to our children when they were three or four years old - with super-clear artwork and storylines set in the child's immediate future, they were perfect for preparing them for what was about to happen. In this case, starting school, with a mini-game-equipped electronic version for Windows Phone.

From the application's description:

• Learn and play with everybody’s favourite twins!
• The perfect app for all children starting school.
• Six games to complete.
• Create your own avatar and see yourself in the story!
• Follow Topsy and Tim on TV.


• Fun and interactive games: sorting pairs, completing jigsaws, memory games and dancing along with Topsy and Tim.
• Name your own school!
• Pack your own school bag.
• Listen to a narrated excerpt of Topsy and Tim’s first day at school.
• Builds children’s confidence as they familiarize themselves with the school routine.
• Develops children’s educational skills.
• Learn about shape sorting, colour matching, logic and deduction, and observation and memory skills.
• Brought to you by Ladybird – for every age and every stage of your child’s development.

As with most edutainment titles, especially on a smartphone, there's the issue of whether you want your 3 or 4 year old handling your expensive device, with the risk of dropping it, spilling liquid on it or (absolutely every time) sticking gummy fingerprints all over your nice clean screen. Still, providing you're happy with these caveats, this is a solid title to load up for a train journey, for waiting in a kid-friendly restaurant or even just at bedtime.

You might even like to pick up a budget Lumia 520 with a view to installing this and some other suitable games, with very low replacement cost, should the worst happen?

Here are some screens of Start School in action:


The application gets customised slightly according to the child's input here....


Built-in is the original Topsy & Tim classic book, of course...


The various 4-year-old friendly mini-games....


Including "Peg Pairs"....


...and "Balance the Scales".

You can buy Start School for £2 here in the Windows Phone Store.

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store