Quick on the draw as you head to the stars with SpaceScribble

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Bringing some classic 'up the screen' arcade shooting action to your Windows Phone is Space Scribble, from Bejamin Sautermeister. It also has a lot of style in the graphics department giving it the distinctive look of a hand-drawn game designed during a boring maths lesson.

 Space Scribble Space Scribble

Space Scribble is a title that I would I put in the 'deliberate' pile of Arcade shooters. Your craft is relatively slow moving around the screen, as are the enemies, asteroids, and incoming fire. That means you have time to think about movement as well as firing your secondary weapon (the little gun is always firing, but the larger secondary is under your control), but it also means that design wise the screen is going to be very busy.

Thankfully the balance between overwhelming the screen and keeping it (just about) playable has been found.

 Space Scribble Space Scribble

And while it might not be colourful, the hand-drawn feel of the graphics is attractive, and while it is essentially a monochrome look and a grid in the background, everything is clear, the various different spaceships are distinctive, and all the graphics move around the screen with no stuttering or lag.

Definitely a title that the classic gaming fan should have a look at.

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