Fly through the tunnels and into the screen with Space Heads

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Published by Unity and developed by Nisl Games, Space Heads is a 3D gaming using the Unity engine that provides another twist on the 'infinite running' genre as your group of typically headstrong teenagers race their hot-rod spacecraft down the abandoned tunnels to prove who is the best.

Powered by the Unity game engine, Space Heads gives you a tunnel to fly down, but rather than the regular 'three lane' approach to an infinite runner (as typified by titles like 'Subway Surfers') with a bit of jumping and ducking, Space Heads gives you nine different positions you can fly into. Think of a 3x3 grid overlaid on the screen - you can fly your spacecraft into any of these nine squares, just swipe your finger in the direction of an adjoining square and you'll slide over.

Space HeadsSpace Heads

Naturally you don't control your forward speed, it just gets faster and faster as you go through the tunnel. Your only other move is to tap on the screen and flip your spacecraft onto its side so you can sneak through the gaps made by the half-open security doors, conduits, and sewer pipes, that you have to fly through.

It's a nice way to expand the infinite runner, but Space Heads doesn't quite have the control system worked out. For a fast moving game, switching between the nine different positions in the game world is slow and slightly clunky. A solid runner needs to have a fluidity and a flow to the graphics and the controls... Space Heads only manages the former.

Space HeadsSpace Heads

Still, Space Heads a free download, and as with many games it's worth a download to see how well you personally get on with the game, as I'm pretty sure this title is going to find a dedicated user base.

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