Sharepoint/Office 365 functionality on Windows Phone 'demoed'

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It's not often the Windows Phone promo machines concentrate on Office and documents - after all, these aren't terribly sexy, but I was interested to see the video embedded below appear on the official Nokia Support channel on YouTube. It's over-simplistic and will make you a little seasick(!), but at least it's a start for anyone wanting to see how Windows Phone interacts with company Office 365 and Sharepoint servers.

Albeit being far too brief, the intention is good though. But I hated the way screenshot and device mock-ups were presented in a 'Ken Burns' pan effect - if the content's not interesting enough without the effect then tighten the script!

Anyway, see what you think:

It's not often that you see access to Sharepoint/Office 365 demoed, however briefly, which is a little odd considering that it's a core component in Windows Phone.

I was a little shocked to see that you can't upload new documents directly to Sharepoint or Office 365 - the video shows the user having to go find a Windows PC and then use that to do the uploading. Is this still right? And if so, I wonder when this gap in Office functionality will be filled? Comments welcome.

You can find this video and others from Nokia at the official channel here.

Source / Credit: Nokia Support