Run rings around the invaders of Mombari's village

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Mombari is a fast paced game which asks you (playing as Mombari) to explore the world outside of your village as you collect the magical rings dotted around the maze like environment. Represented with a delightfully warm-looking 3D environment, Mombari is already critically acclaimed thanks to its third place in the AppCampus Germany competition. Now you can see what the fuss is all about.

From the directory listing:

A powerful wizard threatens Mombari's village. To save the day, Mombari must gather all the magic rings in an immersive 3D fantasy world...while avoiding the wizard's traps! A magic map is Mombari's friend; ghosts his enemies. But to find his way without touching a ghost or becoming trapped in a dead end street, Mombari must use all his cunning...

Relying on the accelerometer in your handset to move around the mazes, you'll have a mix of environments, from tight wooden bridges over marshes and the foundations of new buildings to wide mountain passes and open fields.

Helping you is your 'magic map' which shows the paths open to you, the location of the rings, and where the enemies are. Avoid their touch at all costs, because that would mean instant death.

Mombari is available to download via the AAWP App Directory for £1.29/$1.49.

Source / Credit: Find it in the AAWP App Directory