Night Light, a useful parenting aid

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Kids can be fussy. And, by proxy, so can their parents. Little Sophie is settling down to sleep and you as a parent want to do everything possible to try and make the process smooth. All kids find a night light helpful here (complete darkness is usually too scary), but then we get "Daddy, it's too bright!" or "It's all green, I wanted the red one!" And so on. Luckily, a Windows Phone can step in here with this free utility - Night Light can mimic any light source of any colour or intensity and with a pre-programmed cut-off time.

From the Store description:

Night Light uses your phone's display to provide low light to a dark room. 

- Automatic shut off timer
- Brightness slider
- Different colors

Here's Night Light in action:

Screenshot, Night LightScreenshot, Night Light

A simple interface, but obvious; (right) picking one of the eight light colours...

Screenshot, Night LightScreenshot, Night Light

Being able to vary the night light brightness is a nice touch - this all works best with AMOLED screens (since the pixels themselves are, in effect, mini night lights), but it's also effective on LCDs; (right) some slightly worrying privacy warnings - hopefully these are just 'boilerplate'!

Normally, a tap on the screen turns the 'light' screen off, but as the timed period comes to an end, a countdown starts on-screen and a tap will reset the timer, in case your child isn't quite asleep yet, a very nice touch.

As you can see in the screens, the utility is free by virtue of in-app advertising. Which shoudn't be a problem, though I have to wonder how much monetisation there is here since for 99% of the utility's operation there is, by definition, going to be no one to look at the screen or tap on it!


You can download Night Light for free here in the Store. It's probably also worthwhile pointing out that for longer periods of operation, you might want to factor in plugging the phone into a power source!

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store