Traffic Frenzy a great arcade puzzle, please don't let 'freemium' spoil it too much

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A great little arcade puzzler, the first version of Traffic Frenzy has appeared in a cacophony of LA traffic horns. The freemium mechanism's not quite implemented yet and there's only one city to 'play' in, but it's still an amusing mix of reaction times and hand-eye coordination. Worth installing to see how it turns out.

From the Store description:

Ever been stuck in traffic and wished you could control it? Here’s your chance! Take control of the notorious L.A. traffic and get the cars through without crashing!

Games2win proudly presents a new arcade game that is sure to whip you into a frenzy. Start your traffic controlling career in the city of angels and watch the traffic fly by. Simply tap the traffic lights to change them, avoid accidents and clear the cars in your lane. Make use of cool power ups to boost the speed of your cars, clear intersections with bombs and slow down the oncoming traffic. 

Traffic Frenzy Features:
• 25 unique levels.
• Simple tap based game play.
• Exhilarating power ups that let you speed up, slow down and even blow up the traffic.

Here's the game in action:


Traffic Frenzy starts with a blast of rock music, here I'm turning the volume down quickly! Nice original artwork, by the way...


This first release is obviously just a placeholder for a fuller title. The first indication is only one 'city' being available to play in....


Gameplay is simple and perfectly pitched, with one or more traffic lights under direct finger control - when there are twenty cars all moving at speed and you have three lights to control in real time, things can get really hectic, really fast!


The three power ups available in Traffic Frenzy, each of which costs in-game 'coins'...


Coins are, at the moment, only earned by playing the game, though it's obvious that a 'pay to power-up' freemium system will be put in place in a future version.


Cause an accident and you can either start from the current point in the level by using coins or start the level from scratch for free...


The 'Air Strike' system is rather cute - watching a B2 bomber swoop across and blow up cars never gets old....(!)


Get your timing wrong and the cars thump into each other with appropriate sound effects - oops!

So, Traffic Frenzy is v1 of what will hopefully be a nicely pitched 'freemium' title. Let's hope the developers have read our various editorials on the subject here on AAWP and get the 'pay to play' balance right.

You can download Traffic Frenzy for free here in the Store. When it's complete, we'll let Ewan assess its freemium gameplay balance in a formal review.

Source / Credit: Download from the Windows Phone Store