Beered! brings BreweryDB and Untappd to Windows Phone

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Beered! is new for Windows Phone, a client for the APIs of both BreweryDB and Untappd - put the two together and you've got a pretty comprehensive guide to the world's beers. It works as advertised and has a trial version, though there's an overwhelming v1.0 impression from the current code.  

From the Store description:

25,000+ beers
4,700+ breweries
150+ beer styles

The biggest beer database easily accessible on your phone. 

-Alcohol by volume
-Glassware served in
-Beer logo
-Brewery info / more from the same brewery
-Organic status
-Yearly availability
-Ratings and user reviews from (some beers may not exist on untappd)
-Similar beers
-Pin to start for easier access
-Share to social networks

-Year since active
-Brewery logo
-Beers it brews
-Links to social accounts.

-Alcohol by volume ranges
-International Bitterness Units ranges
-Beer examples

Can't find your favorite beer? No problem, add it to the database!

Found a beer missing information? Edit it's info and contribute to expanding the database.

-Awesome beer facts
-Favorite beers list
-Beers you've visited before
-Customizable settings for better performance

Beered!'s interface is minimalist in the extreme and reminiscent of Windows Phone 7 somehow. See what you think:

Screenshot, Beered!Screenshot, Beered!

The opening menu - the search function's within the first option, 'beers'....

Screenshot, Beered!Screenshot, Beered!

Each beer is rated and classified (see the full list of possible detail above), with data pulled from the two respected sources shown here.

Screenshot, Beered!Screenshot, Beered!

Sadly, rather too many beers currently have an entry in one database/API but not the other, resulting in screens like this, above left. (Right) Is it just me, or did Windows Phone apps look like this back in 2010?

An unashamed v1.0 then for Beered! For something like beer, which is (after all) a luxury, I can't help but also want a few graphics, some atmosphere, something for which I can look forward to spending time in the application. Here's hoping for much more refinements in v2.0.

In the meantime, you can download a trial of (or buy) Beered! here in the Store.

Source / Credit: Buy at the Windows Phone Store