Sol Attack 3 a mesmerising 'old school' space shoot 'em up...

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Ah yes, the best way to relax with a phone game. Surrounded by the sounds of space war, with aliens dive bombing in, lasers and missiles firing in from all sides. Sol Attack 3 is old school shoot 'em up, just dodge the incoming baddies and shoot at everything that moves. In a battle which gets harder and harder...

From the Store description:

Defend Earth from the alien hordes! Collect power-ups, build your arsenal, and battle at the outer planets in this ode to the arcade shooter! Have loads of fun honing your skill and earning the right to carve your initials into the global highscore. 

- Unique and groovy gameplay
- Cool effects
- Beautiful music
- Global and local highscores

Gameplay seems perfectly balanced in this ad-supported freeware game. Don't worry, the ads aren't shown very often (though the space they take isn't replaced by a radar or similar, which seems a bit of a waste. Nor is there a way to buy the game and get rid of the ads.

Still, it's an utter blast, with baddies that get bigger and heavier as time goes on. 

Sol Attack 3 screenshot

That's the sort of mission statement I can relate to!

Sol Attack 3 screenshot

Control of your craft is by dragging the left-hand controller around. Yes, old-school, but it works pretty well and is very 'Space Invaders'...

Sol Attack 3 screenshot

Watching bigger and badder enemies arriving is half the fun. This one looks like it's already on fire. Note also one of the many power-ups about to be picked up. These deliver shields, extra firepower, and so on, all for a temporary period.

Sol Attack 3 screenshot

Control of sound and handedness...

Sol Attack 3 screenshot

Aceing the high score table!

Terrific stuff! If you're a good enough player, it's relatively easy to keep picking up power-ups, extra lives and so on, surviving for 10 or 15 minutes, a decent length for a good shoot 'em up session.

You can download Sol Attack 3 here in the Store.

Source / Credit: Download from the Windows Phone Store