blahgua content sharing network launches on Windows Phone

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blahgua, a content sharing network that uses an algorithmic approach to present you with interesting snippets of information, is using Windows Phone as the launch platform for the mobile version of it service. Best described as a crossover between the information stream element of Twitter and the content curation of Pinterest, it is an intuiging service that is just begining to take its first steps in public.

blahgua is presented as a series of content snippets (posts of different types: Says, Leaks, Asks, Polls, Predicts) arranged in a masonry grid of thumbnails (text and images). Tapping on a thumbnail will open up a post and show the attached content, which may be a simple text statement, a poll, or an image. Each post also has an associated comment view, plus share and promote / demote buttons.

The team behind blahgua says they've created the service because they believe existing platforms, such as YouTube and Twitter, are broken for content creators because of the way content is distributed. Rather than relying on friends and followers the blahgua marketplace "continuously and automatically matches relevant content to the right audience". The side benefit of this for content consumers is that there's no need to follow anyone before you start seeing content.

The content rating and matching engine is based, at least in part, on the lessons that CTO, Ruben Kleiman, learned while a member of the tram that designed and write the original Netflix classifier. This algorithmic approach is based on user reputation metrics and data collected from the aforementioned content rating. 


blahgua is somewhat unusual in that it has taken the decision to launch on Windows Phone, rather than Android or iOS. It's clearly still early days for the service, with very few users creating or interacting with content, making it difficult to draw any real conclusions about whether the service will work or provide any value to its users.

Explained as a concept blahgua has clear appeal, providing solutions for the pain points of existing content sharing networks, but the implementation still feels a little rough around the edges and the walled garden nature of the service would seem to be a barrier to widespread adoption. In conclusion? The underlying principles of blahgua are intriguing enough that it's worth keeping an eye on, but at the moment it's only going to be of interest to early adopters.

Windows Phone Store description:

It’s not who you are, it’s what you share!

blahgua is a sharing network based on data and algorithms, not friends or followers. You don’t need a following to get your content seen, and you don’t need to follow anyone to see personalized content.

blahgua is a free download from the Windows Phone Store.