Wolfenstein 3D (well, part of it) on your Windows Phone

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Anyone over about 35 will remember the dawn of proper '3D' gaming on PCs with the release of Wolfenstein 3D back in 1992. Regardless of your thoughts on killing WW II Nazis, being able to sprint around a '3D' textured maze, opening doors, picking up health and ammo and wreaking death and destruction, was enormous fun at the time. And I was interested to see it's available, at least in a test version, for Windows Phone... only 22 years later!

From the description in the Store

It's a clone of a well-known game produced by a famous company.
Apparently, The Fathers are not planning to make a port of this game, that's why this project appeared.
It's not Duke Nukem or Doom.

What you get here are, effectively, three levels to play through and hone your sprinting and strafing reflexes. And bring back memories, of course!

Here are a few screens of Wolf in action:

Screenshot, Wolf

Ah, memories.... Though note there's only one difficulty setting and only a handful of levels...

Screenshot, Wolf

Your left thumb is for moving left/right/fwds/back and the right thumb for turning and firing...

Screenshot, Wolf

State of the art graphics - from 1992 - but still plenty of bad guys to kill....

Screenshot, Wolf

Movement around the 'castle' is very quick and you'll need good hand-eye coordination to get very far in the game, despite the paucity of levels in this 'demo'.

Screenshot, Wolf

Oops, health reached 0% and I'm dead! The dev has spot ads for his other titles dotted around this tech demo... which is OK.

Screenshot, Wolf

Meeting up with the 'boss' (not Rafe!) - I'm about to die, I think!

Screenshot, Wolf

Controls set-up - there's some flexibility, but ultimately a lot depends on your thumb dexterity and reflexes!

The speed of the game is very impressive - what's needed now, of course, are the full set of levels from the original game. Over to the developer!

You can download this yourself in the Windows Phone Store here. [Note that there's a 'censored' version too, without swastikas, apparently!]

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store