AlienAttack a FPS blast fest for the VERY nimble fingered!

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Sprinting, panning round, strafing, exploring - sound familiar? It's a traditional immersive First Person Shooter (FPS) for Windows Phone, this time set on a space ship, with aliens emerging from behind laser-protected doorways. Hand eye coordination is the order of the day here - the skill level needed is high here.

AlienAttack is currently free in the Store, described (minimally) as:

Enjoy with this new FPS.

Aliens are closer to the earth, your mission is to destroy the weapons within their cruiser.

Presumably the 'multi-player' option, coming in the 'Spring', will introduce a paid or freemium version? I'd play through more levels in order to find limits in the current download, except I've tried - and I keep dying! Comments welcome if you've got further and hit a limit.

Here's AlienAttack in action:

Screenshot, AlienAttack

Six different missions then, one of which has yet to be named(!) And multiplayer is still 'coming soon'....

Screenshot, AlienAttack

'Find a weapon' - ah yes, you can just see it hovering in the air underneath that turqoise particle fountain....

Screenshot, AlienAttack

The controls are left thumb=move around, right thumb=rotate, though when a weapon is in use (which is most of the time), tapping anywhere near it will rattle off a shot.

Screenshot, AlienAttack

Bad guys are streaming through, you're blasting away and, thankfully, those laser barriers have dropped....

Developer Menfou has mastered the 3D engine here, the speed and responsiveness of the game is very impressive. Roll on extra missions, extra players, extra weapons.... and I don't care if I have to pay a few pounds or Euros for the privilege. The quality on offer here is worthy of a commercial game at £2.99 or similar. Or at least it will be when it's finished!

You can download the current free version here in the Store.

Source / Credit: Download from the Windows Phone Store