Zoho.com publishes Zoho Books companion app for Windows Phone

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Zoho.com, a provider of enterprise focused cloud-based productivity and collobation services, has released its first Windows Phone app in the form of Zoho Books. A companion app for the accounting service of the same name, the app provides a way to record, manage, and monitor your business expenses on the go. 

Zoho Books is aimed at small business owners and freelancers and provides an easy to use online accounting service. Key features include integration with banks feeds, invoice management, time tracking and more. The wider Zoho customer base consists of more than 8 million users, making it one of the leading small business and consumer software as a service providers.

The Windows Phone app is aimed at easier data entry of business expenses, allowing users to enter and categorise expenses directly from their phone. In addition a dashboard view provides a snapshot overview of expenses entered into the service.

Zoho BooksZoho Books

Zoho currently provides a number of apps for its other services and tools for the iOS and Android platforms including Zoho Docs, Zoho Projects, Zoho Support, and Zoho CRM. It now seems likely that at least some of these apps will now make their way to Microsoft's mobile platform.

Windows Phone Store description:

Manage your Expenses on the go! Zoho Books, your pocket friendly app is the easiest way to record and monitor your Expenses. 

Key Features

  • Categorize Expenses - track expenses easily under categories like transport, food and fuel.
  • Business Insights in your pocket- get a real time snapshot of how your business is doing!

Our mobile app is a supplement to the Zoho Books web application.The books software app is free to download. Download quickly and join thousands of freelancers and small business owners who have made their accounting absolutely hassle-free.

Zoho Books is a free download from the Windows Phone Store