Hangman Pro a quick and fun test of word power and logic

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One of the first games to arrive for almost any computing platform in history, Hangman Pro doesn't sound very exciting, here shown off for Windows Phone. Yet it's quickfire, fun and challenging and, thanks to a few banner ads, completely free as well. It's -ERR-F-C, in fact!

From the Store description:

Play the best FREE hangman game for Windows Phone!

Relax with a few rounds of this classic word game. This version of Hangman has everything you need, with lots of word categories, one and two player modes, and global leaderboards. Guess both single words and phrases before the hangman drawing is complete!

• Both single words and phrases
• Lots of categories
• One and two player modes
• Global leaderboards

Games are fun, with sound effects that match letter success or failure and with cute 'hand drawn' graphics throughout:

Screenshot, Hangman ProScreenshot, Hangman Pro

Getting going with Hangman Pro. Note that a block of categories are initially locked, but it only takes leaving a review/rating in the Store to unlock these, no money changes hands, etc.

Screenshot, Hangman ProScreenshot, Hangman Pro

Even set-up screens are implemented in the same style, it's all very consistent. Apart from the banner ads, which are sometimes subdued, sometimes rather garish! As you tap on letters, they're filled in or blotted out in red 'crayon', as you might expect. As the gallows gets nearly complete, it turns red too, as a warning!

Screenshot, Hangman ProScreenshot, Hangman Pro

The idea is to get as far as you can within a category, racking up points as you go. As usual with Hangman, longer words are actually easier, since there's more to go on. Shorter words can be an issue in terms of getting started!

A lovely little game, you can download Hangman Pro for free in the Store here.

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store