AIRTAME wireless HDMI dongle set to add support for Windows Phone

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AIRTAME, a wireless HDMI dongle accessory that is current raising funds via Indiegogo, is set to add Windows Phone app support after breaking through the $1 million funding milestone. The accessory allows you to display (duplicate or extend) your computer screen and sound on a TV, projector, or monitor wirelessly. The addition of mobile app support means it will also be possible to use your smartphone as a display source.

The AIRTAME accessory plugs into your TV / projector / monitor via an HDMI port and is powered via a standard USB port. There are no other wires involved, with nothing to plug into your PC. AIRTAME software running on the PC duplicates or extends your PC's screen and sends it as a stream over WiFi to the AIRTAME dongle, where it is displayed on the connected screen.

AIRTAME is providing functionality equivalent to a wireless Miracast connection, but will work with any device that has an HDMI-in port (i.e. anything you can use a wired HDMI cable with). Because the stream is generated by a PC it's also possible to duplicate a screen multiple devices (e.g. multiple PCs).

The AIRTAME smartphone support is likely to be limited to content sharing, rather than full screen duplication as on a PC. That's because iOS, Android, and Windows Phone all have restrictions related to duplicating a screen to another device. iOS and Android do already have a number of options for wireless sharing content (e.g. AirDisplay on iOS) and Windows Phone looks set to add this as an option (Miracast) in the upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 release.

Nonetheless, AIRTAME does look set to provide an alternative option for getting content off your smartphone, in addition to its main functionality as a wireless display connector for Windows and Mac PCs. It's certainly one of the more interesting crowd funded project to catch our eye recently.

Here's AIRTAME's promotional video, which explains the concept:

AIRTAME originally looked to raise $160,000 in funding, but blew past that goal in the early days of its Indiegogo campaign. Several stretch goals later (external USB support, dual-core processor, dual-band WiFi, mobile app support) it has now raised more than $1 million. The campaign closes later today, which mean there's just still time to support the project, should you wish to do so. A contribution of $89 (plus shipping) will see you receive one of the first of the production run of AIRTAME dongles.