Big Twabbit update brings Article view, Flickr uploads, and more

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Twitter client Twabbit has been a favourite for a while on Windows Phone and I noted that it just got itself another big update. See the full summarised changelog below since the last time we looked at the application. Possibly now the premier Twitter client for this OS?

Here's the changelog for v1.6 from the previously reported v1.4.1 update:

  • Article View (Beta) added
  • Article view optimized for low memory devices
  • Article view, if failed to open any site/article then it automatically opens link in external browser
  • Flickr upload support
  • Arabic language translation
  • Improved In app notification
  • Merged gesture setting for User Name and Tweet
  • Fixed: Vine playback issue
  • Fixed: User Profile issue
  • Upgraded newer verions of few external libraries like telerik, etc (if you face any crashes then re-install app to resolve this)
  • Load More tweets not follow settings now and always move to oldest tweet
  • Readability support for internal app browser (Experimental)
  • Changed UI in timeline page
  • Bug fixes

Quite a list of improvements. Here's the new version of Twabbit in action:

Twabbit screenshotTwabbit screenshot

Here running a white theme on my Lumia 920, Twitter is fast and clean.... Oh, look a web link in a tweet...

Twabbit screenshotTwabbit screenshot

Checking that 'Open links in IE' is off in the 'General' Settings tab, tapping on the web link brings up the page in a built-in reader that strips out bloat and frippery....

Twabbit screenshotTwabbit screenshot

Setting up Flickr as a default photo upload service - there's an authorisation step in a web view the first time round, of course - thereafter uploading is smooth.

You can grab Twabbit for yourself here in the Windows Phone Store.

PS. Note that Windows Phone does have some Twitter integration built-in, but the interface is cumbersome (having to switch between the People and Me hubs to see tweets and mentions) and there's no support for direct messages or any kind of intelligent previewing of linked material. Note also that there's an official Twitter application which we thought quite highly of, though it doesn't get close to Twabbit in terms of optimisations and features.

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store