Candy Ball the perfect test of hand-eye coordination

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Candy Ball, powered by the Unity game engine, is new on the block and a sophisticated modern variation of the old tilt-sensor ball-rolling genre. Here you have candies to reach, obstacles to avoid, ramps to climb and tricks to perform.

From the Store description:

Candy Ball brings the "roll a ball" game type to the next level! :)

Control your player ball in a real 3D, physics driven world by tilting your device and collect all candies as fast as you can. Jump to higher platforms, use explosions to destroy ice cubes that block your way, avoid fire obstacles and much more interaction with the game world awaits you!

  • Interact with a real 3D pyhsics world
  • Destroy obstacles with explosions
  • Jump to get to higher platforms
  • Avoid static and moving enemies
  • Activate switches and platforms

The tilt action is perfectly realised via your phone's accelerometers and the action very smooth and slick, as you'd expect from a Unity-powered game. There doesn't seem to be any ads or payment options - is this totally free - or have I just not played far enough into the title yet?

Here's Candy Ball in action:


The left hand control is for explosions powerups, the right hand one is for jumping - everything else is via the phone's tilt sensors!

For anyone into arcade puzzles, this is just about perfect - just don't try playing on the bus, or any other form of transport in which you're being jolted around anyway!

You can download Candy Ball for free here.

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store