Clone of Flappy Bird hits Windows Phone (updated)

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Update: As pointed out in the comments, via email, and Twitter the Flappy Bird app mentioned in this story is a (perfect) clone app. It is not the 'official' Flappy Bird app, which is coming to Windows Phone, but is not expected arrive for another week or so.

For the sake of transparency here's Steve's original story:


Argh, that darned flappy bird, eponymous on other mobile platforms, has hit Windows Phone. And it's as hard and frustrating as ever. Flap, crash, flap, crash. Rinse and repeat! 

From the minimalist store description:

Flap your wings to fly...
[How to play]
> Tap to flap your wings to fly.
> Avoid pipes.

In action, you know the game already, no doubt - it's trivial but maddening. Tap to flap and keep the bird's arcs clear of the random green pillars. Average game time: 15 seconds. I said SECONDS(!)

Flappy Bird on Windows PhoneFlappy Bird on Windows Phone

You can download Flappy Bird for free here.

All very viral - apparently this title/concept is almost a year old on Android, and yet it's only in the last few weeks that it's gone viral across the mobile world. 


Steve's P.S. What's odd is that Microsoft would approve this title given the 100% replication of gameplay and the use of the exact same title. It's this sort of slapdash application approval that I've railed at recently and my criticisms are only borne out by this 'flap' - see what I did there?!]

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Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store