VIP Woodland Casino, a jaunty sequence of slot machines

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New in the Windows Phone Store is VIP Woodland Casino, a slightly strange set-up for what is a set of virtual slot machines, which which you gamble your coins in an attempt to make it from one machine to the next. All done within the context of 'Wind in the Willows' style wildlife. It's well done and is an interesting little casual game though - and, unlike real life gambling, you can't ever run out of money - your balance always get bumped up if it gets too low! [Wha...? Hey, everyone, free money!! etc.]

From the description in the Store:

The Termites have taken over the forest! ...well actually they just built a bunch of casinos then bought the forest. It's up to you to infiltrate the woodland casinos and get the money back! Featuring five themed slot machines, unlockable powerups, free spins, and upgrades, there are lots of reasons to spend your forest coins here! Earn VIP tickets to buy items that will increase your winnings and odds! Buying the full version of the game will QUADRUPLE the number of VIP tickets that you earn!

Here's VIP Woodland Casino in action:

VIP screenshot

The back story - ah, if only life were like this!!

VIP screenshot

The basic slot machine interface - set the number of lines and bet magnifier and hit 'spin' etc.

VIP screenshot

As you make various lines, your winnings increase and so do the number of VIP tickets...

VIP screenshot

VIP tickets get you both access to the next slot machine or to some of these fancy 'power ups'...

VIP screenshot

Ad-hoc bonuses, as here, also help - note the visual effects and animations, there has been a lot of effort put into this title graphically.

VIP screenshot

Time to move on to the third slot machine of five - eek, the forest just went oriental! Maybe these termites were immigrants?

You can download a trial version for free here in the Store - buying the full version gives you more progressing 'power' in terms of the slot machine power-ups and winning possibilities, which seems pretty well balanced and for a reasonable cost.

Despite cute graphics and a jaunty musical soundtrack, VIP Woodland Casino is ultimately just five fairly similar five-reel slot machines, one after the other, and I'm not sure about game longevity. Still, it's fun for a quick 'gamble' while waiting in line - though you might want to turn the music down if you keep winning!

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store