Lumia 1520 dress by Fydor Golan debuts at London Fashion Week

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Nokia, in partnership with noted designers Fydor Golan, has commissioned KIN to create an interactive skirt made up of 35 Nokia Lumia 1520 smartphones. The garment, which will be shown at London Fashion Week 2014, has been created using a combination of sketched drawings, 3D printing, and Plython and C# coding.

Lumia 1520 dress

Here's how Nokia Conversations describes the interactive element of the skirt:

As the skirt moves, images on the screens change colour, creating a synchronised shimmering effect that emulates real-world fabric. To form this illusion, a bespoke app was conceived that employs GPS technology to align the wearer’s movements with the skirt’s sparkle.

Via a camera in the model’s cap, the mosaic-style imagery will change from the Fyodor Golan AW Collection to a visual representation of the model’s surroundings.

The skirt, described by creators KIN as "a wearable and experiment piece of technology",  is certainly eye catching, though it may not be entirely practical. We can imagine that finding 35 plugs to recharge the skirt might prove to be something of a challenge.

More information and pictures of the skirt will be shared via Nokia's social channels over the next few days.

Source / Credit: Nokia Conversations