gMaps now delivers raw GPS data

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We've been reporting on the progress of gMaps for a while on AAWP, most recently here, and there's now little that it can't do in terms of interpreting the data from Google Maps's APIs online - right down to full StreetView, traffic layers, basic navigation and even a night mode. Plus it's also now a GPS utility, with reporting on detailed stats from the receiver in your smartphone. Yes, your Windows Phone has HERE Maps and almost certainly Nokia's navigation software, but when you're looking for something obscure or perhaps trying to navigate cross-country, off the beaten track, sometimes a raw mapping solution is good to have up your sleeve. Connectivity-permitting, of course!

Here's the new version of gMaps in action:

Screenshot, gMapsScreenshot, gMaps

New on the menu is the option to look at raw GPS coordinates and data, as shown here. One thing's missing though - a plot of the satellites locked onto and their azimuths etc. Perhaps this isn't accessible via the phone hardware's APIs? I can't find any other apps on Windows Phone that offer this data, so familiar to users of Android or indeed Nokia's older Symbian handsets.... Also missing are options to display position in arc minutes and seconds rather than simple decimals.

Screenshot, gMapsScreenshot, gMaps

Slightly gimmicky in gMaps is a weather 'layer', with symbols that are hard to make out precisely in their current size - more useful is the traffic layer (right), with red showing traffic at a near standstill - looks like Reading's going to be hard to drive into - as usual!

The full feature list for gMaps now reads as:

  • Find your location on the map and track current speed
  • Layers support (street, satellite, traffic, bike, weather, etc)
  • Search for venues using powerful local search
  • Discover (advanced categorized customizable local search)
  • Directions (car, bicycle, public transit or walk)
  • Routes, alternative routes and restrictions
  • Ultimate Street View (360-degree, panoramic, ability to move)
  • My Places (favorites, pinned, recent)
  • Driver mode (rotation, directions, auto-reroute)
  • Compass support
  • Imperial/Metric units autodetect and switch
  • Share map or place by sms, email, etc
  • Route to contact
  • Night mode
  • Live tiles

Impressive stuff. You can download gMaps here for free (with ads) or buy the ad-free version here in the Store.

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store