Flickr client Indulged hits v2.0, UI tweaks, better performance

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We reviewed the Flickr client Indulged last year, pronouncing it as an 'impressive' way to browse Flickr but with some reservations in terms of image upload and management. That was v1.0 and we now have v2.0.1, launched a week or so ago and tweaked today, with a decent changelog, quoted below, that should tackle most of the original issues head-on. Ewan was the original reviewer, so I wanted to have my say too, with v2.0.x now available.

Over and above the version reviewed originally, the changelog for v2.0.x is:

  • Completely redesigned ProCam camera interface!
  • Completely redesigned ProFX image editor!
  • Completely redesigned uploading and login page
  • Completely redesigned Photo Set page!
  • Optimized magazine experience
  • Reduced memory usage
  • Improved rendering performance
  • More crisp thumbnails

Being a Flickr fan and daily user, I was keen to put Indulged v2.0 through its paces, with a few glitches and annoyances still along the way:

Indulged screenshotIndulged screenshot

There are some nice visual effects throughout, with zero peformance problems on the Lumia 1020; (right) uploading photos is now much easier, with an attractive interface, including effects if needed, though it's a little offputting having photos only shown with their left-most 1:1 'square' showing.

Indulged screenshotIndulged screenshot

You can now set up title and description at upload time, with animations and progress indicators keeping you informed of upload progress...

Indulged screenshotIndulged screenshot

Once uploaded, some images are shown at full width and others cropped to their leftmost section, which seems inconsistent. I was also dismayed to see that Indulged strips out all original EXIF data from photos - I suspect this happens because it insists on 're-rendering' each photo (even if no effects are selected). Annoying.

Indulged screenshotIndulged screenshot

There's good and obvious browsing of both photo sets and community groups, though the magazine style browser again makes a mess of things by only showing part of each image by default - surely we could just have images one above the other on a phone's portrait screen?

Indulged screenshotIndulged screenshot

Browsing a photo uploaded from Indulged's rival Flickr client, 2flicka - notice the EXIF data! (right) there's good support for Flickr group textual discussions.

Indulged is definitely getting betterm but in addition to some of the annoyances above, it also crashed a couple of times for me. Which means that there's definitely going to be a v2.0.2 and beyond!

In the meantime, you can download Indulged for free here in the Store, to see what you think.

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store