Take another look at Adventure Town as Supersoft updates their RPG

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Supersolid's freemium RPG Adventure Town has picked up an update this month which appears to help with the stability of the app and addresses the issues some players were having with the social sharing. This gives me a chance to revisit the app here on AAWP after my review in February.

Adventure Town

Notably I want to highlight this paragraph:

This is very much a game that is just the wrong side of acceptable in the freemium debate. It asks for too much time and effort, and in return it doesn't offer you a worthwhile return on your investment. It looks wonderful, there's nice resource/combat game under here, but the developers have been a little too greedy for me.

...and while I still stand by the assertion that the balance point of the in-game currencies is biased a little bit too far to the developers, and that the 'clock' on generating resources runs an hour or so longer than I would hope for, the last two weeks have seen me settle into a twice daily routine of checking in with my Town for a few minutes of monster bashing, building, and harvesting.

Adventure Town

Given that routine, Adventure Town has to be classed as a grower. It's a game that gets a live tile on my start screen (which says a lot to me about how often I feel the need to open the game), it doesn't require too many clicks during each session to maintain the Town's resources and expansion, and the combat system is light enough to be quick but still offer enough tactical options to keep me interested.

More importantly, I've been busy enough that I don't want to play for more than a few minutes. If I did want to have an extended session, then I'd be looking at the freemium options to help heal warriors, speed up timers, and make the whole thing move a lot faster. But for very light snacking over a long period, Adventure Town is actually a better game than I first thought it was.

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