beta updated for Windows Phone's Pinterest fans

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Working publicly through its beta testing phase is, a third party client for the Pinterest service. Allowing you to collect thoughts, ideas, images, and moments on your Windows Phone handset and save them to the cloud-based service, is now on version 0.14..4.1

Offering you the same feature set as the Pinterest website, offers access to the service through a comprehensive app, although it does step away from the Windows Phone Design Language so it feels more like the 'media rivers' of apps like Instagram.

It already has many fans in the Pinterest community, and if you're looking to get started with the service, or need a mobile client on Windows Phone to carry on using the service, it is certainly worth a look.

The main feature set, from the app directory listing, is as follows.

  • Full-featured - If you can do it on the Pinterest website, you can do it with
    • Create pins
    • Upload from phone
    • Pin from website
    • Repin
  • Save pin images to phone
  • Pin to your Start Screen your favorite users and boards
    • 4 different live tile styles (user profile images, cycle recent pins, ...)
  • Notifications
  • No view limit
  • Login with email or facebook
  • Create & edit boards
  • Follow & unfollow users
  • Comment on pins
  • Pull to refresh
  • Multiple themes

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When online services such as Pinterest decide to skip the development of a Windows Phone client, it's good to know they are happy to have third-party developers step in to the gap and give them a full API interface and access to the service.

You can download Pin.It for free from the AAWP App Directory.

Source / Credit: Find it in the AAWP App Directory